Agios Ioudas o Thadaios
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If you wish to report gratitude to Agios Ioudas for helping you

Or you can visit the seven churches we are aware of are:

1) In Menidi-Acharnes (Athens) Leoforos Dimocratias 109,

2) Nea Peramos (in the Agios Vlasios Monastery)

3) in Keratea Attica as you go towards Lavrio on the main road up the hill opposite Kokofinikes please call 6948891561. There are hundreds of miracles occuring there so this is our favourite location.

4) Outside Larissa in a vilage called Koulouri

5) in the island of Grete in a Heraklion in the Phoenix area

6) in Southern Cyprus, in an area called Leivadia, close to Larnaka in St. Savvas church there is an area devoted to St. Jude and St. Paisios the Great.

7) we understand there is a pareklision in the island of Santorini in Kamari but we have not verified it.

...and many more locations we are not aware of
May His help be with you, interceeding to Our Lord to save Our souls. fax +44-845-127-5211
please note we do not answer a phone line currently, so please contact us in alternative ways.