Agios Ioudas
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Latest News, Miracles

The following is a list with only a fraction of the miracles that people have witnessed in the little church dedicated to Agios Ioudas in Keratea.

The list of this miracles from Agios Ioudas, is only a small fraction and only the ones witnessed and is only intended to offer awareness of His Love for the faithful that are in need.

We understand that Saint Ioudas increased His presence in 2004, when he appeared and gave instructions to people to use his 9 day prayer. At the same time the little church in Keratea was founded by Ioanna Nomikou and Stephanos Xatzikyriakos. It was only in March 2011 that icons started to be painted inside the walls of that church (agiografisi). Further details will follow soon. It didn't take long for the saints presence to become very powerful.

The writer was not present in any of these miracles but has seen many other miracles from saints of our Lord from the Holly Mother and the Archangels and has no reason to doubt the Divine intervention. As just an unworthy faithful he could not have known if in any of these cases there was also help from Agios Nektarios himself, from the Holly Mother or our Lord but he believes that Agia Mavra wants to help people and that whoever comes to Agios Nektarios Church and asks help from Agios Nektarios, Agia Mavra any saint of from The Ready Listener Mother of God Icon (copy of the one that is in Holly Docheiariou Monastery in Mount Athos) he will receive help according to what the Divine Wisdom thinks is appropriate for the salvation of his should and his or hers spiritual benefit. The writer apologises beforehand for any inaccuracies and encourages people to email him with corrections or contacts, particularly if they feel scandalised by these readings.

1- A Greek gentleman who had cancer came over to Agios Ioudas church, touched His icon and became well.

2- Another had problems with the hand, they would cut it and became completely well.

3- In early 2015 a yound man went to a hospital in Greece and was diagnosed with one of the worst types of cancer. They immediatelly operated him and removed a large piece of malignant lump from his back. But things didnt look good as hid diagnosis was talking about a rapidly spreading cancer. The man went to Agios Ioydas and prayed with faith.Within a few more days the doctors who operated him asked him to go and visit them. They told him they cannot undertand what happened. "Its as if someone replaced the lump they took out and was malicious with a perfectly normal flesh. They told him he could sue them for removing a healthy part..He told them about Agios Ioydas and they understood it was a miracle and kept examining him to see he had no cancer anymore.

Please note that the book with the miracles of Agios Ioydas is out and it has quite a few stories that refer to miracles the Saint performed to people that visited the church devoted to Saint Ioydas (Jude) in Keratea.
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